Industrial MBA(IMBA) Program

Managers should be able to benefit from the management science achievements and the experiences of industrialized countries, as well as that of their home countries, in order to fulfill their duties in leading the industry’s sectors such as mining, trade, etc. into improvement. The expertise-oriented design of these MBA Industrial (IMBA) courses meet the needs of managers from different business areas.

Projects & Production Management Courses

These courses are suitable for engineers and managers who are looking to learn about management capacities, and to improve their own capabilities in the field of project production. Offering courses for the related software and the newest techniques of project management, IMI helps the interested individuals improve their capacities and be a professional in any project they take part in.
Since the changes in the field of production are growing faster, designing more intelligent, professional business plans is among the most important challenges in this field, which can be facilitated through improving the managers’ knowledge and capabilities.

Commerce & Marketing Courses

The whole system of economy, which creates an environment for business, comprises of a set of commerce, marketing, and sales services; this can be referred to as the second component of business, which includes all activities involved in transferring goods from producer to consumer. Empowering interested individuals in terms of their knowledge and abilities, will pave their way towards progress and success.
We strive for developing the level of knowledge and awareness of the individuals with up-to-date, scientific techniques of the field within the courses, for which, IMI is considered as one of the most reputable institutions.

Human Resources & Organization Management Courses

The management/HR-related courses are opportunities for leaders and managers to gain applied skills and knowledge, have a wider viewpoint on business processes in line with global standards, increase their capabilities, and be able to deal with the arising issues and challenges.
Human Resources is an important topic for the management of an organization. The method for conducting interviews, recruitment, and personnel management, as well as taking motivational or punitive measures, falls under this topic. In fact, HR is one of the pillars to the success of an organization, and as a result of its significance, every prestigious university offers HR Management courses.
IMI is there with you every step of the way, with half a century of experience and active presence in the Iranian economic and cultural environments – as attested to by many reputable global institutions.

Financial Management & Accounting Courses

Today, all economic bodies consider conducting the financial and accounting affairs to be a specialty. The process of financial operations and transactions in accounting firms follows certain principles and rules.
Among the activities within the expertise of the financial departments are: determining future operational plans; reviewing past and present performances of the businesses active in the field of accounting; and reviewing the information from financial operations and cash flow, and reporting the results.
People can be professionals in this field by keeping their information up-to-date, mastering related software, familiarity with the accounting and finance principles and methods.
IMI helps individuals interested in this field take further steps by offering specialized finance and accounting courses.

English for Business Purposes Courses

The English for Business Purposes course is designed and held by the IMI English Language Department. In this course, the participants will acquire general skills, as well as special ones such as business negotiation, correspondence, and conversation skills in English.

Features of Applied Management Courses