E-learning Courses

Simultaneously with the onset of covid-19 disease, education is one of the first institutions that has undergone fundamental changes and virtual education as a new paradigm is constantly and increasingly changing the educational environment or providing different learning contexts. Today, thanks to the increasing advancement of technology, virtual education has also evolved in a way that its environment includes most of the features of the physical environment of the classroom, and learners communicate with the teacher and receive educational content and constantly with the teacher. And other classmates are interacting.
Therefore, IMI benefiting from the experience of more than half a century of education and consulting in the field of management and business sciences, in line with its mission and in step with the development of educational technologies and environmental changes and the needs of the target community. The use of e-learning has taken a step and has defined its strategy in this area as follows:
Also, the beneficiaries and audiences of virtual education are defined as follows:

People who do not have access to face-to-face classes due to distance.
People who are unable to attend classes due to their busy schedule.
Organizations that want to provide group / routine training for their employees.

Professors and teachers:
People who are not able to teach in person due to the distance.
People who are not able to teach in person due to their busy schedule.
People who are not able to teach in person due to physical reasons.
People whose physical presence in the classroom requires a lot of money.
Among the features of the virtual management system of the Industrial Management Organization, the following can be mentioned:

 Online class:
Simultaneously, the professor and the students participate in the class using a web-based system and in the Internet environment at a specific and predetermined time. The environment of this system is completely simulated from the environment of a real floss. The teacher and the student will be able to communicate audio and video.
 Ability to request and submit an assignment
Create groups and channels for classmates to talk
Publish textbook, booklet, text file and multimedia
Online exams
And ...